Credence Resource Management (“Credence”) offers Compliant Business Solutions for Accounts Receivable Management and Asset Protection in the healthcare, telecommunications, and retail industries. Based in Dallas, Texas, Credence provides solutions that use arbitrage and technology to create a hybrid engagement approach that allows for intensive efforts to increase liquidation performance while remaining attentive to customer experience and regulatory compliance. Our deployment methodology optimizes success via outreach strategies, data analysis, and regulatory compliance.

We specialize in collecting telecommunications, utilities, and healthcare accounts throughout the life cycle of an account in collections as an Accounts Receivables Management firm. We have extensive debt collection expertise for telecommunications, utility and healthcare clients.

Credence Resource Management has time-tested credentials to deliver effective, proactive, scalable accounts receivables and revenue cycle management solutions. Since 1988, the principals at Credence have created, deployed and managed resilient, multifunctional, highly proficient first and third-party recovery platforms for health care, financial service, telecommunication and utility companies.

Our deep domain expertise and accomplishments demonstrated by past and current performance herald future success. Credence has been a consistent, best-in-class producer since inception—receiving recognition, expanded placements and wide-ranging new roles based on outstanding liquidation, superlative customer service, innovative thought leadership and technology prowess. Equally important, we deliver compliant processes which protect your brand and ours while executing strategies that improve cash flow and increase bottom-line results.

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